Scholarship Funds

The Ladies of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College Scholarship was established in 1983 to support the education of local area female students who are pursuing their undergraduate education at the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College. The scholarship is a vital part of the financial aid package offered to students selected each year by the Financial Aid Offices at the respective schools. For many years, member donations were augmented by annual fundraising events, but currently the sole source of scholarship revenue is member donations and Remembrance Card memorial gifts.

Each year, we have the pleasure of meeting the recipients at the scholarship luncheon in the spring, learning about their educational journey, and hearing their hopes and dreams for the future. The impact of your generosity is evident in their thank you letters. A recent recipient wrote:

“I am the first in my family to graduate from high school and my goal is to be the first to graduate from college as well. This scholarship is very important to me because without it, attending college would be very difficult…Thank you again for your generosity and helping my educational dreams come true!”

Our commitment to these scholarship programs remains a priority and we encourage you to continue your support of the LND/SMC Scholarship with a contribution payable to the scholarship fund at the school of your choice. Donors to the Scholarship Funds will receive a charitable donation receipt from the respective institution. Donors will also be acknowledged in the LND/SMC newsletter. If you do not want your donation publicly acknowledged, let us know by emailing

We have been advised by Notre Dame that scholarship donations made on-line through the credit card option on the LND/SMC website cannot be recognized as a tax deductible gift from the individual donor because the money has been forwarded from the Ladies of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s treasury. To correct this situation and to still enable LND/SMC to track our donations to each school, we have eliminated the on-line donation option and reverted back to checks only payable to the respective institution of your choice,

Please use the option below to continue your support of the scholarship program. Thank you for your generosity!

CHECK payable to the school(s) of your choice
Print this form Scholarship-Donation-Form and mail with your check(s), payable to the school(s) of your choice, to LND/SMC, PO Box 116, Notre Dame, IN 46556