The Ladies are committed to building a vibrant community at Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College. We assist Notre Dame and/or Saint Mary’s College in welcoming new faculty, post-doctoral staff, professional staff and their wives and families. We welcome visiting professors who are here for a short time. We help members connect to many of the wonderful resources available around campus from lectures to cultural performances to fitness classes and sporting events.

It is in meeting other women one-to-one that friendships are formed. This can happen in many ways. In addition to regular traditional events held each year there are “Off the Beaten Path” trips which take members to interesting local sites and places. Interest groups provide access to those with similar interests and get to know other members in their own homes. There are events structured for newcomers to the community. A children’s playgroup for members with young children meets every week at various locations either on campus, such as the ND firehouse or Beichner Community Center, or around town in local parks and museums. It is the hope of the Ladies that it is here that you will find friends.

We welcome all newcomers to the Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s community! We have scheduled a number of events during the year to provide an opportunity for socializing on an informal basis.

We look forward to seeing you at future events!

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