Creative Cooking

Welcome to another exciting year of Creative Cooking, where we create new menus or revisit old favourites, all in the name of friendship and good food!  We meet once a month, on a Tuesday evening at members’ homes to sample and learn about food from varying cultures. Group members sign up to help with two committees from the year’s schedule; those of us who can do so, are also encouraged to host. We taste and later post recipes for that night’s theme, but may also discuss related history, cooking techniques, or table decoration ideas.

  • Please note: There is an annual fee of $35 to participate; this helps to defray the costs of cooking supplies.
  • Once or twice a year, we organize a couples dinner, where spouses/significant others are invited to attend. There is a separate fee for these dinners (between $15-25 per couple). 

Over the years, we’ve explored many themes and trends in American and international cuisine; a recent example is “Herbs and Spices”. This year’s theme is more eclectic; but it has already led to some very Creative Cooking! Check out out what we’re doing below, and join in the fun.

Denise Brenner,

Oct. 11 Octoberfest!

Nov. 8  Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner: Italian Recipes from Lisa Caponigri

Dec. 10  Trendy Dishes

Jan. 14  Tastes of the Middle East

Feb. 8  Fancy Versions of Childhood Favorites (Couples)

March 3  Presidential State Dinners

April 25  Brunch: A Piece of the Pie, and More

November Dinner

December Dinner