Helpful Hints:
Add this calendar to your personal Google calendar by clicking the google-instructions-google-calendar-link-button-small  in the bottom right corner of calendar.

Whenever the LNDSMC Calendar is updated, it updates on your calendar.  Will not effect your personal calendar and can be unchecked and taken off your calendar.
Must have gmail account for this functionality to work properly.
Otherwise, refer to calendar.


There are some helpful icons above the calendar that are useful to navigate events:

google-instructions-print – This option allows you to print the calendar.

google-instructions-week – Shows the events in a weekly format for the current week.

google-instructions-month – Default view.  This option lets you see the month at a glance.

google-instructions-agenda – List style.  Shows current and future events in a list.

When you click an event, the details are easily visible and there are two links on the bottom for more actions:

google-instructions-more-details – This link shows you more details of the event as well as email links to easily email a contact person for the event.

google-instructions-copy-to-my-calendar– Allows you to copy the event to your personal google calendar.  However, since it is a copy of the original, when the original is updated on the LNDSMC Calendar, your copy will not be updated.  This is not recommended if you would like to have the most up to date event details.