WHEN to TAKE a LEAP of FAITH: interactive discussion/reception, Eck Center, UND, Nov. 21

On November 21, the Notre Dame Alumni Association invites you to join us on campus (7-8:30pm Eck Visitor Center) for Big Questions Live. “When to Take a Leap of Faith” is a free event that builds on Professor Meghan Sullivan’s “What Makes a Life Good” micro-course and sets up Dr. Paul Blaschko’s “What to Believe in Uncertain Times,” which launches in early 2020. This evening of interactive discussions and activities will examine what role faith has played in the good life to philosophers and help you determine when it’s rational to take a leap of faith. For more information and to register for a night of conversation and learning, go to think.nd.edu/bqlive.
Mary A. Scott ’01
Alumni Education Programs Director
University of Notre Dame Alumni Association