The Ladies of ND/SMC officers for 2017-2018 are listed below.   Please feel free to contact any of the members with your questions.  Simply click on Officer name and it will connect to email.

Elected Officers



Meg Mitzel
President – Elect Susie Farrington
Past President Mary Fran Kitz
Program Co-Chairs Catherine Kossler
Betty Gallagher
Recording Secretary  Peg DeBoer
 Corresponding Secretary Marge Marley
 Treasurer Marti Alworth
Assistant Treasurer Corinne DeTrempe
Membership Chair Pam Chipman
Jennifer Velasco



Appointed Board and Other Positions



Fr. Thomas Blantz

(574) 631-5066

Email Coordinators Elaine Baumbach
Marcie Benjamin
Interest Group Coordinator Ravini Fernando
 Life Member Chair Wini Caponigri-Farquhar
Life Member Advisor Jo Ann MacKenzie
Life Member Advisor Ruth Schmitz
Newcomers and Visitors co-Chairs Susan Farrington
Sarah McDonald
Newsletter Circulation Bobbie Corke
Newsletter Editor Linnea Lannon
Parliamentarian Elaine Nicgorski
Volunteer Coordinator  Michelle Wheeler
Kim Reynolds
Children’s Playgroup Coordinator Rana Van Voorhis
Website Manager
Rumana Poellabauer