Plant Based Eating Group


Transitioning to a whole-foods plant-based diet is vitally important for our own health because the standard American diet high on processed foods and animal products has been shown to cause the chronic diseases of the west – cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer are among the most devastating. Incorporating more fresh fruit, veggies and whole grains is shown to prevent, treat and reverse these diseases in scientific studies (see and for examples of studies).

Aside from our own health, we also know that animal agriculture is ecologically damaging and more destructive to the environment than all transportation combined (see Cowspiracy on Netflix and for references).  To leave a viable planet for our own children we would do best to reduce or eliminate animal foods and focus more on plant foods.

Plant-based eating group meetings are led by Rama Ganesan, Humane Educator with Ethical Choices Program. Our meetings are interesting, lively and include delicious food! Please join us in this journey for healing our own bodies and the planet we live on.

Events and meetings are on the LNDSMC Calendar site, refer to the calendar for particular dates.  There will be discussions, food demonstrations and other presentations by LNDSMC members and outside experts. Other events, restaurant visits, and cooking classes will be arranged based on member interest.

Please contact Rama Ganesan with questions or requests.