Movie Viewing Group

Movie Viewing Group is an opportunity for LNDSMC members to find companions with whom to view movies together, and arrange for a setting to discuss it afterwards.

Email Wendy Duffey,, to join the group.

How this works:

  • If there is a movie you’d like to see, email Wendy. An email is sent out to all members, and a mutual time is arranged. The group then works out the details and determines when and where they will discuss the film afterwards.
  • Not everyone will want to see every movie; Not everyone can go at the same time and place, but communicating with one another is key to the success of the group.
  • Members may invite other guests (family, friends) to attend a movie with the group.

Primary movie venues to consider:

  • Browning Cinema at Notre Dame. You can find their entire year’s program at
  • AMC Classic South Bend 16. Download their app on your phone or become an AMC Stubs member to save money. 
  • Cinemark Movies 14 Mishawaka  All seats are reserved, so plan in advance. Join the Cinemark Movie Club for discounts.
  • Vickers Theatre in Three Oaks, Michigan. Classic art house cinema; interesting repertoire. 40 minutes away. Combine it with a field trip or visit to one of the nearby restaurants.
  • Home Viewing Utilize Cable-on-demand, NetFlix or Amazon Prime to watch movies at a member’s home.
Table is set for a Downton-inspired tea and discussion.
Members meet to discuss the movie